For fans of: Great Cynics, The Front Bottoms, Fidlar, PUP

Drum Drum Dance Dance

Influenced by contemporary classics like Nirvana & QOTSA and (semi-)underground indie-post-punk gems such as Fidlar, PUP, The Front Bottoms and Great Cynics alike, Antwerp power trio Drum Dum Dance Dance forge a sound that’s unique in Belgium. They are living proof that there’s still adventure to be found in the comforting confines of drums, guitars, bass and vocals.

The band hit the scene just last year with their debut EP, but one wouldn’t be able to tell so taking into account both the sonic and songwriting maturity on their soon-to-be-released debut album, Panda. Drum Drum Dance Dance didn’t cut any corners writing this collection of songs: if you could hear a band taking baby steps on their self-titled EP, this full length is a bold step into the unknown shitstorm of adolescence.

A ride on the Rollercoaster Of Life. Seemingly well-thought out but influenced by ye olde trifecta of sex, drugs & rock ’n roll, these songs are a testament to the band’s willingness to explore, evolve and grow.


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