For fans of: Boy Sets Fire, Alexisonfire, Strung Out

This hardcore punk band has been around for a decade, trashing stages all over Belgium, the Netherlands and France. After gaining some attention following the release of debut EP ‘Where Ends Meet Life Begins’, the band started working on what was to become their first full length, ‘The Hangman’s Fracture’.

Slowly, but surely, the band started working on a second album. Even though the writing process remained unchanged, the song structures became more complicated and the music became more melodic, and yet, more aggressive at the same time. ‘Illusions Burn’, the band’s second effort, thus became an album filled with killer verses, harsh socio-political lyrics, bittersweet choruses, and raging breakdowns.

In 2014, Break Of Day took another step in the right direction with their third full album Counterclockwise. Right now, a new album is already in the works. If you want to get a hint of it, don’t hesitate to get this band to play your stage!


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