Labelnight: awesome

Our labelnight yesterday was ON POINT. Thanks a gazillion to our friends and girlfriends who helped out, the people of De Loods and our technical crew Joris & Jurgen. Right on guys!

An extra special thanks to all the bands in our little dysfunctional family that put on amazing shows: My Dog Is Radioactive, Altitude, Ghosts + Villains, Mountains To Move, Young Hearts, Get Off My Shoes, Gino’s eyeball, The Waiting Game and Generation 84. Also, I guess thanks for an ok show NØFX. Haha.

Last but not least: thanks for showing up so numerously, buying albums and EP’s, partying with us and eating croqueskes. Times like these are why we love doing this stuff.

Check out the great pictures by Bert Gysemans and Jan Vervoort on Facebook!

Jos GV labelnight