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Break Of Day
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Counterclockwise - OUT NOW!

So... Break Of Day released Counterclockwise last Saturday at their release party in JH De Phoenix (Westerlo). It was the bomb. Nice to see our buddies in F.O.D. and The Ignored kill it, and nice to see so many familiar faces dancing and singing along.

The album is now up on our webstore, and you can find it on iTunes and Spotify as well (links to be found under the album in de store as well) so check it out!

Stay tuned for more TBNT news soon!

Break Of Day joins the TBNT family!

We're proud to announce Break Of Day will join us for the release of their upcoming album: COUNTERCLOCKWISE!

These guys have been around for quite some time; Counterclockwise will be their third full length and the first time we heard it, we knew this one was going to be special.

A release party for the album will follow on April 5th in JH Phoenix, Westerlo but before that, expect to hear some amazing snippets (or even full songs?) and stay tuned!

New shirts added to the store + new tracks soon!

Just a small update - we've added some new Solstice shirts to our webstore! A new track and video will follow soon... the song's amazing, so stay tuned.

New single + Canada tour for F.O.D.

Lots of good news from the F.O.D. front! The band just released the second single off their album Ontario, a wonderfully nostalgic sounding piece of punk rock perfection that's also titled Ontario. It's about being in a band for years, playing the shows and seeing the sights, and never getting the opportunity to tour Ontario.

Except that's not true anymore: apparently Ontario (both the album and the song) has pleased some music loving Canadian ears, because F.O.D. has been invited to tour Ontario (the state)!

Follow them on Facebook for full details and be sure to catch them live, here in Europe or in the most European part of Northern America!

Solstice release video for Mileage, Jera On Air

Solstice released their new (and first!) video for Mileage a few days ago, check it out below!

Aside from working on the clip, the band has been busy lately to say at the least: they went in the studio to record a new track with Filip De Bot (it sounds awesome), and played a heap of shows, not the least of which was the Jera On Air Rockrally. The guys didn't win but such amazing reviews speak for themselves, no?

Aside for Jera On Air, they recently also won the Putrockrally and subsequently went on to play, well, err, Putrock. We're proud of these dudes!