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Break Of Day
Break Of Day
Grey Like Masquerade
Grey Like Masquerade
Home Base:
Lier, Belgium
For fans of:
Green Day, Bad Religion, NOFX, Millencolin, etc.


Do you miss the times when Green Day and NOFX released records that had a magical touch to them? So did we, until we met F.O.D. We’re really proud of these guys from Duffel, Antwerp. They make and play punk rock like punk rock sounded when we grew up, taking cues from aforementioned bands, Bad Religion and The Descendents alike but really adding their own touch as well. We know this sounds a lot like promo-talk, but seriously, have a listen for yourself - check the links on the left.

The fact F.O.D. bears resemblance to Billie Joe’s punk rock circus probably stems from the fact the band first formed out of members of various other active and/or now defunct bands to play Dookie live from start to finish. Still, we’re glad they moved up to writing own songs, as they recorded Dance To This! in the summer of 2011 with Dirk Miers at De Studio, Asse. The EP was released a little while ago through an amazing launch party and is doing really good. You can get yours directly from our webshop.

Be sure to catch these guys live, as they will impress you with their hyper-melodic pop-punk-rocking tunes!
New single + Canada tour for F.O.D.

Lots of good news from the F.O.D. front! The band just released the second single off their album Ontario, a wonderfully nostalgic sounding piece of punk rock perfection that's also titled Ontario. It's about being in a band for years, playing the shows and seeing the sights, and never getting the opportunity to tour Ontario.

Except that's not true anymore: apparently Ontario (both the album and the song) has pleased some music loving Canadian ears, because F.O.D. has been invited to tour Ontario (the state)!

Follow them on Facebook for full details and be sure to catch them live, here in Europe or in the most European part of Northern America!

F.O.D. getting raving reviews for ONTARIO!

In between doing a shitload of shows, booking tours in and outside of Belgium, getting Frenzal Rhomb's attention with a track titled Frenzal Records and much, much more our own finest F.O.D. are getting raving reviews for their debut full length, Ontario.

Check some of them out here, here, here and here and like these dudes on Facebook!

F.O.D. release Ontario

Last weekend, the boys in F.O.D. celebrated the heavily anticipated release show for their debut album Ontario. An awesome lineup, including the return of 90's legends Gwyllions, provided the perfect soundtrack for this punkrock party and F.O.D. put up a wonderful show - as they always do.

The release even made the paper, check out the photo below. If you haven't already, check out Ontario on Spotify or iTunes and support the band by buying it at their shows or website.


We put a new F.O.D. song online, it's titled Frenzal Records - check it out!

It'll be on their upcoming album, ONTARIO, out on 11/2/13. There'll be a huge release party in March as well. Good times.