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The Rocket

At the end of the summer of 2012, The Rocket will be releasing their second full-length album, recorded with Huub Reijnders (Blof, Raymond Van Het Groenewoud, Ed Struijlaart...) at the helm. The record is prodigously called "Not Everyone Grows Up To Be An Astronaut" and is to be the band's fourth release in total counting a live split-DVD with Homer and a well-received EP (titled Tales Of Madness And Mischief, 2011). Despite keeping a steady stream of releases and shows coming, the past years have not been easy on The Rocket, with multiple personnel switches resulting in a line-up that leaves only a few of the original band members in the band.

Rather than throwing the towel however, the band chose to accept the changes and use them for the better, channelling their energy towards new material and dedicating extensive time to make sure The Rocket 2.0 can live up to any and all expectations fans of old and new souls alike might have. And make no mistake: some of the band's main songwriters and its trademark let's-have-fun-while-taking-things-serious approach are still here - and then some.

The band's goofy stage antics and well thought-out visual style, which got them first place in 2010’s Popfolio Awards (Poppunt), are still apparent in today’s The Rocket.  Musically, the new album is a logical next step for the band, taking things that extra mile further: punk-rocking harder but knowing better when to release the gas pedal as well.  Infused with a faint 80's touch and a buttload of vocal harmonies NEGUTBAA (now that's an acronym if we've ever seen one!) is sure to remind listeners of bands such as Undeclinable and Motion City Soundtrack alike.

But don't take our word for it: we suggest you listen for yourself when the time is right. You’re sure to find out The Rocket isn’t done reaching for the stars.  Not by a long shot.
The Rocket hits national radio

We had an awesome release party for Not Everyone Grows Up To Be An Astronaut, The Rocket's newest full album, last week and good news keeps on rolling in. Tomorrow at about 16:45, the best dressed men in punkrock will be performing live at MNM, one of Belgium's national radio stations.

They'll be doing a special acoustic cover for the kick-off event of the MNM1000, the annual classic hit list. On 14th November, The Rocket will also be performing live at MNM1000 Café in Antwerp, which is even more awesome.

Of course we're very proud of the guys, but some of the other bands on our roster are working very hard on new things as well. Expect more exciting news in the weeks and months to come!

The Rocket covers Taylor Swift

While they're eagerly waiting for their new album to come out (September 28th!), The Rocket decided to have some fun with Taylor Swift's new hit single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - and the lyric video that hit over 12 million views at this moment.

Check it out:

Behind The Scenes & The Rocket EP

Hey there! Short update from camp Thanks But No Thanks. We’ve been busy tweaking the website the last few days, and getting orders ready for those who made a purchase as well so expect those to come your way sometime in the next few days. Also, we’ve been taking care of some long-time pending behind-the-scenes stuff. You know, paperwork of the most interesting kind – getting our shit together for SIMIM and taxes, officially changing our address to the new HQ, and all that jazz. Because paperwork is the reason we got into this in the first place!

On a different note, we’ve got another release in the pipeline. But this one will be something somewhat special... we’re happy to say we’ll be releasing an online-only EP by The Rocket at the beginning of August. The Rocket has been working on new material for what seems like ages now and they have been struggling with line-up changes as well, but finally it seems like the dust is settling. The EP will be the first warning shot for a full album set to be released in September by our pals over at Funtime Records, so expect loads of news from these guys the coming months.

Anyway, some new songs will be on the EP (mostly outtakes from the album sessions), and we’re planning on re-issuing some older stuff as well, potentially with new vocals by the new singer. Furthermore, and this is why we’re posting this now, we might try to get some remixes of yet to appear tracks on there as well so if you’re a DJ or producer or whatever and if you feel like cutting and pasting the shit out of some pop punk tunes to twist them into something danceable and put a huge beat under it – by all means please contact us (seriously).

Last but not least, be sure to check out our latest releases by Grey Like Masquerade and F.O.D. (and, by extension all of our previous stuff). These guys are doing really great and we’re pretty goddamn proud of them. Show them some love!